MaxMeyer brand's low-VOC waterborne clearcoat 0150 was an immediate success when it was first introduced, thanks to its ease of use and the great results it delivered.

Now MaxMeyer brand has further improved waterborne Clear 0150 by developing two new products that improve the ease of use and final appearance of the product:

• 1.960.0450/E0.5 – hardener 0450 for WB Clear

• 1.911.9925/E1 – thinner 9925 for WB Clear

Designed to be used over AQUAMAX® Extra waterborne basecoat, this new improved waterborne clear gives painters improved flow and a single application process with little or no flash off. Bodyshops will also notice an improvement in blending and polishing performance together with a very good gloss out of the oven with no significant gloss drop overnight.

Waterborne Clear 0150 makes the application process even more efficient for the bodyshop, and is the benchmark for others to follow. Easy to use, low-VOC.

At MaxMeyer coatings, we aim to improve our customers' work processes through the delivery of high-performance, user-friendly products.

Waterborne Clear 0150 is the ideal product for the painter. It's easy to mix and use, with 'single-visit' application, good fade-out capability and good polishability. It also has a very good gloss finish out of the oven with no significant 'gloss drop' overnight.

The launch of this new clearcoat means that MaxMeyer brand provides customers with a full waterborne system: WB Epoxy Primer 1.820.8200, Aquamax Extra waterborne basecoat and Waterborne Clear 1.600.0150.

This offers an easy-to-use 'green' solution which benefits from a very low-VOC content, ensuring future compliance with the relevant legislation.


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