The TouchMix computer paint mixing system continues to evolve with the arrival of MAXMEYER® brand's TouchMix IV computerised paint mixing system, designed by industry experts specifically for the bodyshop environment.

Since 1895 MaxMeyer brand has been developing products and solutions to make the painters' job easier, and the new TouchMix IV is no exception. Robust and effective with an ease of use, this cutting edge solution delivers precision and accuracy to help the painter produce an expert quality finish every time.

An industry first, this simple-to-use colour retrieval and mixing system is completely touch screen based and delivers more value and features than previous versions.

Incorporating a new touch screen unit it is compact and – wall-mountable, Wi-Fi enabled, more robust and reliable, is fully ATEX ( ATEX (II 3 G EEx nA nL [nL] IIB T4)) compliant, and is the first hardware solution to eliminate the need for CD's. 

  • With a new 15 inch large intuitive touch screen, formula selection is easier, and as there is no need for a keyboard and mouse. You no longer need to double key information, you just touch what you see making this quick and easy to use and  improving your work flow.  
  • Compact and ergonomic in design the unit can be wall-mounted, making the workstation more flexible as it can be positioned where is best for you. As this is self-contained it is also easier to clean and maintain.
  • Wi-Fi enabled with a powerful built in antenna, connection to the internet and network is straightforward with no need for complex network connections in the mixing room. Automatically updated with the latest colour information, software features, new products information, there is no need for CD's and the most up-to-date information will always be at hand.
  • RAPIDMATCH X-5 spectrophotometer compatibility and PAINTMANAGER® software integration allows mixing and correction to be easier, reducing mistakes and waste.
  • A more resistant unit as it is built with 60 % less components than previous versions and with very few movable parts, it is fully compliant to be used in hazardous areas and fully complies to European regulation. Making this more reliable than a computer and mouse TouchMix IV is always there when needed. 

MaxMeyer brand works to develop products and solutions that meet the needs of the painter, TouchMix IV provides for the first time cutting edge technology in an intuitive format that is simple and easy to use producing reliable and quality results every time.


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