Quick and easy

This new Spot Blender from MAXMEYER® brand has been developed to provide an easy to use product with the best final appearance, suitable for all types of repair. It is available in a can and an aerosol.

Thousands of repairers trust MaxMeyer coatings as the brand able to meet their daily challenges and to provide them the best solutions to their needs. MaxMeyer brand responds to the needs of the painter and is launching the new Spot Blender to provide the best fade out process.

Spot Blender 5411 and 5421 are extremely user friendly, and the fast flash off also speeds up the process time. The painter does not need to worry about overspray as it melts away easily, allowing for quick and easy polishing, without leaving any edge.

The new Spot Blender is being launched in a can and in an aerosol version, to provide the painter with maximum flexibility. The Spot Blender in a spraygun gives the painter optimum control, and the aerosol is always instantly accessible and removes the need to clean equipment. These features allow the painter to work quickly and with confidence, with the guarantee of a superb gloss finish.


MAXMEYER®, is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe Sarl.