Now faster than ever

MAXMEYER® brand has earned a reputation for robust, reliable products that are uniquely tailored to painters’ needs. Today, with the introduction of the TOUCHMIX® Pro computerised paint mixing system, MaxMeyer brand goes one step ahead.

Key features series developed for the Painter´s benefit:

  • Wide-screen and touchscreen technology
A 15.6” wide-screen makes formula selection easier than ever with less error in manipulation.
  • Better Wi-Fi connection, powered by the latest computer technology and  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro system
Better connectivity translates into faster and more reliable paint mixing solutions on a daily basis.    
  • Various installation and configuration options
TouchMix Pro device can be wall mounted or installed on the desk depending on the painter´s preference. Various networking options (stand alone or multi-station network) are available and the new computerised system is compatible with bodyshop management software programs.
  • Higher ATEX standard than previous models

    TouchMix Pro device is completely explosion-proof and built to be used even in hazardous areas of the bodyshop.
  • Seamlessly interacts with RAPIDMATCH™ spectro-photometers and PAINTMANAGER® program software

    To make the painter´s job easier, TouchMix Pro connects with other MaxMeyer brand devices to enhance mixing and managing paint operations.
  • Warranty period

    Customers are entitled to a complete replacement of the TouchMix Pro during the warranty period.

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