The right colour formulation and the right colour mix are key to the success of any bodyshop.

MAXMEYER® brand's advanced PaintManager program software has been designed to make this process straightforward and easy. Formulations are included for all of the MaxMeyer brand's paint lines, from AQUAMAX® waterborne basecoat and MAXICAR® HS tinting base to New ABF® topcoat, and can be updated via a CD or online.

Key features:

  • Delivers colour formulas from motor manufacturers and commercial transport vehicles
  • Links with scales, barcode readers, label printers and the MaxMeyer brand's spectrophotometer, the RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 device
  • Manages materials – both paint and dry goods
  • Simple-to-use reporting of efficiency and material use
  • Automatic updates via internet or CD




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